Bet you didn't see this coming...

So should I just kick my little-used Tumblr to the curb and revive this? (I'd even transfer my posts from there to here; all 5 of them for posterity. Whee.)

We can thank the Twitters for reprogramming me to summate big ass thoughts into bite-size one- or two-liners. Of course, you never really get how I feel. (Sometimes it's for the better, trust me.)

I also miss the people who I met via LJ and haven't reconnected with since... '09? (Shout out to 1silver_seraph! I ain't forgot ya.)

Well, 5 years is a nice round number of years to make a reappearance, right? I mean, did y'all miss me on here?

Or nah.

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Fahrenheit & all that

I'm trying to be better with saying Hi to you more often, LiveJournal. I really am.

OK, that's a lie. I'm only here when I can't condense the minutiae of life into 140 characters or less...

Anyway, for those who do follow me in the Twitterverse, y'all know today was a big day in that it was my callback/2nd audition for Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge, a really swank spot in downtown San Jose. I tried out for them last week and pretty much knocked the music director on his ass with my short set. Hence I was back to give 'em a bigger dose of my Melvis mojo.

Flash forward to tonight... I was really stoked to see my boys dingyu, fujiwara, rosstirona, azninnovation, and myuze come down for support and some libations. Thanks fellas! My DJ brothers, Mundo & Felix also rolled through. That was clutch. And gotta' give a shout-out to the Tweeps for DM'ing me the ++++ energy! Definitely a 180 from Harry's Bar. And this is a good thing. =)

Management really liked my stuff. They thought I came off proper and liked that it was a change of pace from the usual Top 40 R&B (aka radio BS) heard everywhere. So here's the scoop: Sounds like Wednesday nights are something new that Fahrenheit is trying out. The whole relax/chill vibe is meant to be more like counter-programming to what's currently out there (since Top 40/Dance/Mash-Up is the standard fare no matter where you go). If this thing can catch on, I'll essentially be around to potentially anchor that night. So time will tell what this eventually leads to... but if nothing else, I showed and proved. And I totally kicked the ass of that other DJ who was my competition (made the 10-year-vet look like a rookie). But hey, on a day when LeBron James can get dunked on by a college sophomore, suffice it to say, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE-AHHHHH!

Now that I have recording equipment, I oughtta' reenact that mix and upload it. One of my better efforts I thought. It was mainly a blend of Neosoul/R&B/old school & true school hip-hop... Really epitomized what a Lounge should feel like. Soothing, smooth, puttin' ya in the mood for some sweet lovin'. *heh* I'll keep y'all posted when I pop it up.

Anywho, time to call it a night. Some Schuyler Fisk oughtta' get me to Slumberland. (I'm sure I'll lose 30 points of testosterone for admitting this, but screw it... "Hello" is really hitting the spot for me lately. I blame "The Coffee House" on Sirius XM Radio. That channel is arguably getting the most airtime in my ride lately. Must mean something.)

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Everything Zen

In more DJ'ing news, tonight's my first official foray into competitive DJ'ing. Zen Lounge (formerly Buddha Lounge) is having their Rock Da Decks Competition. If I win tonight's qualifier, that means I'm in the Finals in January. If I manage to win the Finals, I'll cinch my first ever full-scale nightclub residency (in my own backyard, no less!) =D


So yeah... if anyone's down in the South Bay/Peninsula, come check it out and give a brotha' more claps than Tila Tequila! =D -- Competition starts @ 9 and there's no cover, so BAM!

Yeesh, I hate these butterflies I'm getting in my tummy as I type this. I'm not sure what I'm more nervous about: How varied/unique my set has to be or the fact I've only got 30 minutes to knock the judges on their collective asses. It's funny... I never realized how minuscule that amount of time is, compared to the usual 4 hours of spinning I do on the weekends.

Like they say on PTI, tonight is "GO TIME!" Wish a brotha' luck. =)
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Wanna be down?

A misconception a lot of people have about me being a DJ is that "Oh, you must get all the chicks hollerin' at you!" It's only partially true. They're usually not there to hit on the DJ because he's got elevated status or his method of scratching and cutting produces a spike in hormones (though that would be awesome)... they're always playing nice and flirty to get their requested song played. Typical scenario is a hot chick comes up and asks "Can I request a song?" or "Can you play a song?" or "Do you take requests?" or "Do you have..."

My boy, Felix, has the best response ever when this happens:

"Ohhh...I'm sorry...but requests are reserved for regulars and groupies. Since you're not a regular, I AM currently accepting applications for groupies..."

*Melvis breaks out the clipboard with a pen and Collapse )*
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I love the Power Glove. It's so bad.

Just me and tons of other losers, err... geeks

Slowly but surely I'm catching up on this blogging thing. Anyway, time for some fun stuff!

So last Saturday, the international man of mystery himself, Hideo Kojima, was up in SF @ the Sony Store (inside the Sony Metreon) promoting Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. For those not in the know, he's the Producer/Writer/Director of the Metal Gear Solid series and is pretty much revered as a big deal in the gaming realm. Being that he rarely does appearances and such, I figured I'd take a hack an meeting the guy and scoring a 'graph. After Melody and I scoured through our E3 swhwag from years past, we dug up a press folder from E3 2005 when MGS4 was first announced. It looked pretty sweet and I figured no one would have one that day, so I'd impress Mr. Kojima himself with my rare find.

Collapse )

I'll hafta' post up a better pic of my signed folder. If any of y'all want the high-res versions of those pics, reply.

Indeed, I'm a gamer geek for life. I am resigned to this fate and I have no regrets.

More fun stuff to post later.

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Alright Fanime bitches...

10:00 PM tonight... Dance Room.

Need something different that the techno/rave? I gotcha' back. =)

Encore Sunday @ 10:45 PM, same place.

Represent or you gets the Gas Face.
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Death and the cold call

So yeah, I apologize for being the buzzkill in my last entry. 'Tis life and its curveballs.

Anyway, here's the scoop on the entire thing with a bit of history/context to it all. This very well may break a personal record for longest post ever (memes notwithstanding). You've been warned...

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I'm so excited

Rock it like that!

How bad is it that when I feel an earthquake, I just kinda' kick back and smile and let it ride out like it ain't no thing? 5.6 magnitude hit us tonight... nuffin' but a thing.

FYI - Melody & I were in Cupertino (about 15-20 miles from the epicenter) @ an Outback. Not one person even considered ducking and covering.

I'm guessing those were ALL native Californians up in there. So blahsay, we are. =)
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